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Ferris Frenzy™ - Interactive Treat Dispenser for Dogs & Cats

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Ferris Frenzy™ - Interactive Treat Dispenser for Dogs & Cats

The Ferris Frenzy™ Treat Dispenser keeps your Pet busy and on their feet!!

Keep your pets on their feet with the Ferris Frenzy™ Treat Dispenser. No longer have to shower your pet in treats so they behave, now they can get their treats whenever they please. Similar to a hamster wheel, it is a big wheel of fun and keeps the pets active. The rewards are endless as they always get a treat every time they spin it. The Ferris Frenzy™ Treat Dispenser is the solution for the lazy pet owner that wants their pet to be in tip top shape. By doing minimal work and making it fun for them, they will stay on their feet, get more exercise and leave you with minimal mess.


Entertaining, Interactive & Physically Stimulating

A treat dispenser that is innovative and enjoyable for you and your pets. A cool idea that can help keep dogs engaged in fun and healthy activity while you're away. The Ferris Frenzy™ is engaging and rewarding your pet play at time! Whether you have a cat or a small dog or both, the Ferris Frenzy treats dispenser will help you entertain your most beloved pet. The Pets keeps running and jumping while playing, which will increase the body movement frequency and intelligence, and can also slow down the pet's eating speed and effectively protect the pet dietary health. The Ferris Frenzy™ helps to keep your pet healthy and active by giving them loads of physical stimulation while having fun at the same time.

Portable & Easy to Setup

Come and join the frenzy – on the wall or on the floor or on your favorite spot, the Ferris Frenzy™ will keep your pet coming back for more. Watch your pets drive it like a pro, they'll get better every time they play! Just put the food inside the wheel, stick the toy onto floor with the strong suction cup. When pets play, they will move the wheel 360° freely by applying light force. It can be rotate clockwise or counter clockwise, and is completely unrestricted. As the pets rotate the wheel with their paws, the food will leak from the wheel and fall on the floor. This is a perfect interactive toy for pets with food dispensing function.

How to Use:

Simply push down with each hand on either side of the suction pad and push till the middle of the suction cup touches the ground or wall. This should create a firm grip. Find a surface that enables the stick.
Find the opening on the wheel and pour the small treats into the wheel. We recommend using a funnel to make life easier and not to reward your pooch too early by spilling the treats all over the floor.
You're Done! Spin the wheel in front of your pets to show them how the Ferris Frenzy™ Treat Dispenser works.


🐶 Physical Stimulation: The Ferris Frenzy™ Treat Dispenser is great for keeping your pet busy and on their feet.
🐶 Rewarding: The Ferris Frenzy™ Treat Dispenser dispenses treats whenever it is played with. Leave some treats in the wheel before you have to head off to work. I'm sure you will come home to an empty wheel.
🐶 Material: The Ferris Frenzy™ is made of environmentally friendly ABS and TPR, strong and durable, and will not be easily damaged by pet
🐶 Fun: Absolute fun for the pets and the humans.

$29.99 $39.99

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