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Attaboy™ - Ultrasonic Dog Bark Controller

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Attaboy™ - Ultrasonic Dog Bark Controller
  • Attaboy™ - Ultrasonic Dog Bark Controller

  • Are you feeling irritated with your dog? Are they barking every time you turn around, for what seems like no reason whatsoever? Sometimes dogs get into the habit of barking just for barking’s sake. Whatever the reason for your dog’s barking, if it’s irritating you and making the neighbors wish you’d move away and take your barking dog with you, it’s probably time to give Attaboy™ - Dog Bark Controller a try.

    Attaboy™ - Dog Bark Controller is a 100% Humane training tool for dogs to prevent unnecessary barking and bad dog behavior and habits such as dog fighting and garbage eating. Attaboy™ - Dog Bark Controller has a maximum effective distance of 16.4 ft (5 m) and comes with an LED light function so you can use it for walking with your dog at night. 



    ☑ 100% Humane: The Ultrasonic frequency of 25 kHz produced by Attaboy™ is only audible to dogs, does not affect people. When the dog barks, simply point the device at your dog and push the button. This product produces a high-pitched ultrasonic sound that is irksome to dogs and at the same time it is soundless to the human. It is fully harmless and safe to humans and dogs. With time, your dog will learn that if he doesn't want to continue hearing this sound, he needs to be a good boy. 

  • ☑ USB Charging: Attaboy™ - Dog Bark Controller is USB rechargeable, so you can charge it with a USB port (laptop, power bank, adapter).


    ☑ Portable: Use Attaboy™ to reduce barking when you go out on walk and so on, to avoid disturbing people when walking. It weighs approximately 1.6 oz (46 g), and is very lightweight and highly recommended to carry around. Compact Size & Included Lanyard make it convenient to carry.

    ☑ Ultrasonic Range: The frequency of human listening is 20 Hz - 20 kHz. Dog listening frequency is 15Hz - 50kHz. Attaboy™ - Ultrasonic Dog Bark Controller is at least 20 kHz. It can be heard properly to your dog, but it will not hurt it.


    ☑ Long Effective Distance: Attaboy™ have a maximum effective distance of 16.4 ft (5 m). 

    ☑ Easy to operate: There are two different functions buttons (Ultrasonic Button and LED light button), just press it to use. 

  • ☑ Plush Design: Designed in a cute bone shape. Attaboy™ - Ultrasonic Dog Bark Controller is made of Premium ABS Plastic, is lightweight and compact, it is loved by people of various ages.


    Applicable range: Attaboy™ - Ultrasonic Dog Bark Controller works on all Dog breeds and sizes, 6 months and up to 8 years old (Only suitable for dogs over 4.4 lbs (2 kg).


    Note: The effect of this product is determined by many factors such as dog hearing, age, weight and personality. May not be suitable for some dogs. Aggressive dogs have no effect This product is not intended for dogs with hearing impairment.




$39.99 $57.99

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